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New Member Guild Member

What is your Discord name? baider#8241
What’s your Character’s Name? Baider
Is this a brand new Heroic toon? no
What class/level is your toon? 111 Monk 20.5k aas
Is this an alt or your main? Main
Do you have alts you want invited to the guild? Tell us more. No none right now just moved to the Zek server.
What is your overall playtime like over the next 3 months? Just started back playing again, evening and late afternoon player.
We raid Sun 2PM CST, Tues and Thurs 6PM CST. Which nights are you most likely to make raids over the next 3 months? All of them
Whats your history with EQ? How long have you been playing? What servers have you played on, guilds you have been a part of. Raging Fury raided during TBM EOK most recently on Antonious Bayle server.
Have you raided in EQ before?If so what era? Yes, as listed above, and on and off during other eras as well.

Topic starter Posted : 03/03/2021 2:35 am