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Zlandicar Parse 09/03/21

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Hello fine folks,

So here I’ve added the Parse from the Zlandicar fight that we got him to 18%.  We definitely have what it takes to make this a win.

I’m trying to look at what we can improve to put this on farm.

Let’s look at the top of the parse.

Necro are number 1 , 2  and number 34.  The Ixrl made twice the damage that Anotherone got. Triton was not up to expectation, not sure what to expect from a box necro.

Mage came after with Pyro making 3x more then Walpurgis.

I don’t think it’s AA nor Gear that made this difference. We need to share knowledge on how to top the dps parse.

For the melee, the dps seem as expected with same class close to each other.

Levitation seems to be a must for all class, especially the melee that box, with Liltugger showing us why.


Shaman healing seem overpowered.


Infusion of the faithfull and intensity of the resolute NEED to be used during the fight. only 3 of us seem to have used Intensity of the resolute. Combine with the burned it will up the dps.


This is a learning experience. We need to work together to make It happen.

Thanks Everyone for your time, and please let me know your feedback




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I agree with you about this  however  I am uncertain about the comment “Shaman heals seem to powerful.”  I believe in eq there is nor should be such a comment and also not sure what it has do with dps.  On the dps note we are taking individuals aside and assisting them in creating more dps.  Triton did really well this last raid as did Climentius. 

Posted : 24/03/2021 8:30 pm
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@sprkmaster thank you Max.


Posted : 10/04/2021 3:16 am